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Retail can be complicated with many factors hindering your business. None, more so then, the digital world.

I'm hired by local retailers who are tired of losing sales to Amazon. 

What they want is a simple but effective online strategy that drives sales so they can keep their brick and mortar store open for years to come.

What does that mean?


Grow your Local Retail Business with Proven Strategies and Tools.

We provide a simple and effective online strategy that lays the groundwork for digital marketing and increased sales.

Our process shows you how to create a measurement plan and see the human behavior behind the numbers. 


How do we do that?

We achieve results by:

1. Using Google Analytics to understand traffic flow

2. Basics of SEO and SEM

3. Understanding your Ideal Client

4. Creating a Digital Presence for you

We are Small Business Retail Consultants

I started my retail career in 1997.

I understand the difficulty of balancing customer service, with P&L reports,  vendor needs, and an ever changing market.

My strength was taking stores on the permanently closing list and making them profitable again. 

How did I do this? By understanding Data, Analysis, Key Performance Indicators and Current Technology.

My mission is to bring the tools and strategies I learned to the Small Business Retailer.

I want to see Downtown Areas and Main Streets thrive with local business owners.

I want people to think of shopping with your family business before shopping with any major retailer.

Meet Amy!


I use the Core Concept Model  by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) combined with my 20+ years of experience. I am also a member of the IIBA and the IIBA-Orange County.

3 Steps to Get You Started

Step 1:

Schedule your free Retail Success Strategy Session to discuss your business and how a simple and effective digital marketing plan can help you.

Step 2:

Together we will determine the best approach for your unique business.

Step 3:

We will work with where you are to create the simplest and most effective approach to getting your business found online.

My guarantee to you:

I will create a plan based on your business needs today  and the the dream you have for the future of your business. 

You created your business for a reason or a passion unique to you.

You've discovered the difficulty of building a business, and the people who need your product or service.


You are stressed. You wonder about the future of your business.

You are ready for change today.




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AMG Innovative Consultants, inc

is based in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Telephone: 612-599-9643 


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