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We shop local everyday. We were constantly seeing our favorite small businesses close. Since we started shopping local 10 years ago - 90% of our favorite stores have closed permanently.

The biggest obstacle we saw for local retailers was not being found in search engines. If customers are looking for you and cannot find you; they go to your competitor or a big box store.

Reality: If Google cannot find you, how can your ideal client?

What could we do to make a difference?

At AMG we lay the groundwork for marketing and increased sales with a focus on Google Search Engine, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. Our process is simple and effective with tools, plans, and training. This means your business can stay open for years to come.

Amy has 20+ years working in various retail sectors in the retail industry. She's worked in Fine Jewelry to Commercial Tires and quite a bit in between. She is a certified Business Analyst  with an understanding of how the entire business works from the back office to the sales floor.  

 She now brings her expertise to small business owners showing them how to use a variety of tools to make the work like easier; including automation tools like CRM's.

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Amy Graves is the owner of AMG Innovative Consultants, Inc. She spent 10 years turning failing stores into profitable, thriving businesses. 


The stores she turned around saw a minimum of a 400% increase in sales in under a year. You can read about one store here.


The store she grand opened was planned at $250,000 for six months. She achieved $12 million. This may sound good but reality was a nightmare. Some lessons are learned through difficult circumstances. Read more about it here.

In 2019 she earned her certification in Business Analysis from the University of California-Davis. In 2020, she completed the Google Analytics Certification through Google Analytics Academy. Her passion is to see others succeed by understanding how to use data. Find out what it means to be a Data-Driven Business.


International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

International Institute of Business Analysis - Orange County

National Association of Women Business Owners


NAWBO - Orange County


SCORE -IE: SCORE Workshop Presenter, Subject Matter Expert: Google

IEWBC: Presenter