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All Packages are based on three factors:

1. What is your current digital marketing strategy?

 Don't worry if it's none. We can get you started.

2. What are your Business and Financial Goals?

3. The most important factor is we listen to you. We want you to achieve long-term growth. We work with you to determine simplest and most effective approach to grow your business.


Our process is based on Amy's Four Pillars of Success.  The Four Pillars began in 2001 and have evolved to meet current business needs. 



We look at your Marketing Plan, themes, timeline, and process

Customer Service:


We consider training and coaching of staff, selling techniques, policies and procedures, etc.

Four Pillars of Success

Flow and Organization of Store:

We consider sales floor set up, stockroom organization, shipping and receiving, and supply back stock and organization.

Back Office:

This is where you run your business. We look at what numbers you use for analysis, goal planning and tracking, reports organization of the space, and much more.


Here's what to expect when working with Amy:

Communication is key - expect to have a standard way of communicating based on your preferences.

Documentation - AMG has a Client Workbook for all Clients. This book keeps us together through the process. It also provides you a resource when we are done working together. 

Amy asks questions - In all phases of working together there are many questions. The goal is to have a well-rounded understanding of the situation, industry, and other aspects which will affect the plan and implementation.

More than Analysis - Your business is more than numbers. Maybe it provides for your family. Maybe your staff depend on you for their paychecks. Maybe your business is your dream and you need to succeed. Your business needs someone who can see the full picture not just the bottom line.


Schedule your Success Strategy Session at no charge. This is your chance to discuss your business with Amy. Discussion includes your type of business, the problem that is occurring, and the investment you would make in your company when working with AMG Innovative Consultants. 

This is NOT a commitment to work together. 

This IS a free Informational Meeting.



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