Data Driven Business Strategy 

What Does Data Driven Mean?

Numbers, data, it all seems so confusing to almost everyone. I built my career on leveling up businesses using reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in a business. Once you can see those strengths and weaknesses it becomes easy to build a business strategy.

What do I do? It comes down to your type of business. Ecommerce / Retail is not the same as a Service based company. Each one can use data but the technique is slightly different. Let's break it down.


The main advantage is you can track each product from listing to cart. Or from cart to sitting with no one looking at or buying. In both scenarios you can develop a strategy increase your sales.

Service Based:

Service based - in order to track specific packages you offer you need to create a page per package. The information will tell you if people are curious and not scheduling a discovery call. In which you can dig deeper into the page or promote that specific package/service. OR it will confirm which package is the most popular and you can decide if you want to build other packages like it.

What needs to be in place?

The tools you need to make this happen:

1. Google Analytics or some other Analytics with in-depth information on your website

2. Content Based SEO in place throughout your website

3. Established businesses should have a dashboard for easy and quick ability to respond to your numbers

How I can Help You

I have the tools and knowledge to get the foundation in place for you. There is a lot of work, on my part and my teams, to get you set up. But we take that on, so you can focus on your customers. My work is behind the scenes. Your customer may notice wording changes, or that is easier to find you in a Google Search. But they won't know who is behind the scenes making it happen.

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