YouTube has 2 BILLION monthly logged-in users with 1 BILLION hours of daily watch time. As a small business owner, you may want to be part of the YouTube experience.

I had so much fun writing on last week's topic, I decided to keep it going. I will posting the fun facts I learn in my Google Ads certification to help you.

Who cares? I am a small business owner, this doesn't effect me.

Actually, it can. People go to YouTube to learn new techniques and "how-tos". Think about your business. What do you do that show a how-to? It could be demonstrating parts of what you do in your job. It could be free how-to do "this" for you business. I have a YouTube channel and my content is usually on giving advice - ok - actually my YouTube channel is just me talking about that week's blog....When I maintained the channel.

How can I leverage YouTube for my business? Where do I start?

The first step is always making the decision to do something. Next set up a YouTube account with your business email. Create a channel and verify your account with YouTube. After that, you can go LIVE or upload other videos. I have only uploaded videos to YouTube.

But I already have a channel!

Yay! Me too! Are you using your channel? When was the last time you used it? Or uploaded a video? For me, ummm.....well let's not talk about it....

How can I be successful at using YouTube?

Like my advice on anything Google, its not about the algorithms. Focus your energy on your Ideal Client. On average, you have 6 seconds for a user to decide if they are going to watch your video. This means be clear and direct at the beginning. You also want to keep you content to a minimum. My biggest pet peeve are videos longer than 3 minutes. Even some of my videos are longer than I like. Unless you title your video with "A Comprehensive Look at.....", it needs to be short and sweet. If the topic is something your Ideal Client wants to hear or watch, they will listen. But even they may not want to sit through a video over 5 minutes.

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How do you plan to work YouTube into your marketing strategy?