35 BILLION Search Queries a DAY

Google sees 35 billion search queries a day. 15% of these queries are brand new. Google has never seen them. What does this mean for the small business owner?

I am currently going through Google's Google Ad Certification process. Throughout the process they mention a variety of fun facts. I found this fact fascinating and made me think about how this can impact the small business owner.

Search Queries and the Small Business Owner

How does this impact the Small Business Owner? To be blunt - there is enough organic traffic for everyone. I focus a lot on Ideal Client Language so we can zero in on the user who will buy from you. Google can send random users to your website but if they don't want you sell then is it really quality traffic? No.

Helping Google Understand Your Business

Google, and other search engine bots, uses the words on your page first to determine what you do. They also use internal and external links to evaluate how to categorize your website. This is why using your ideal client's keywords is so important to you.

How to Breakdown Your Ideal Client language

Step 1: put what you do in your terms - write it down. Do you explain what you differently to people who don't know what you do? If so, write it down.

Step 2: now think about how the average person - how would they describe what you do?

Step 3: Compare the first two steps. Are their any similarities?

If you have any intake forms go ahead with the next steps.

Step 4: Look at client intake forms. How did people describe their problems on the intake?

Step 5: Out of the intake forms, which of these clients were your favorite to work with? How did they describe their problem? Use this language with the language you narrowed down from above.

Now you have a start to your Ideal Client Language to use on your website and social media.

Do You Need Help With Your Client Language?

As part of what I do for clients, we focus on mapping the customer journey and ideal client language. If are ready to find out more information and get help for your business schedule with me. See the link for more details,