Google Ads seem to confuse everyone. How do you make a Google AD convert to paying customers? At the end of the day, is Google Ads worth the investment in time and money?

Google thinks they are worth it.

I tend to agree with Google on this point. Social Media ads really only benefit you if a majority or all of your ideal client is on that specific platform. Google Ads reach global users across multiple platforms. In my mind, that makes Google Ads a better investment.

Fun Fact Time!

We've all seen the transition from tv to phone for watching video and shows. Recent studies, from Google, show that 60% of all videos are watched on mobile devices. Most people actually watch YouTube in their living room now. And to no one's surprise, people only pay attention to ads that are relevant to them.

Why should small business use video?

Before discussing the why, we should mention which small businesses should use video. If your ideal client's are attached to their phones - you should be using video. Why video? Less and less people are reading even Facebook posts. People want to watch video before they read anything.

Video for what you feel comfortable doing.

Are you comfortable going live? Do a Facebook live to discuss a new product or a hot tip. Are you comfortable recording a video? Record a video and upload it. What about ads? If you are running ads on any social media or Google, you should try video ads. At least look into and determine if you can reach more of your ideal client through a video ad vs a text ad.

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Are you going to be using video for your company? Or do you already?