Do you ever wonder why websites use cookies? What are they tracking? What do they do with the data? The focus is on the user of the website.

Purpose of Cookies

Websites who use cookies are fine-tuning their websites, a majority of the time. There are two major goals for small businesses who use cookies. First goal is to understand how traffic finds their website. The second goal is to understand how users interact with the website.

How Traffic Finds Your Website

In Google Analytics this report is under "Acquisition". There are many ways for a user to find you. Direct traffic, knows you exist. Organic traffic, is traffic who did know you existed and a search engine recommended your website. IF you are using your Ideal Client Language this will help your Organic Traffic to become Direct Traffic. Referral Traffic is traffic directed to your site from an email, social media, or affiliate partner. You can also track your Ads traffic.

How Users Interact With Your Website

In Google Analytics this is under Events and Explore. In Events you can see what pages had the most engaged sessions. Under Explore you want to use the Path Exploration Report to see how they used your website.

How You Can Use Cookie Data To Improve Your Website

First, understanding how users are finding you is key. Did they find you on social media and then go to your website? Did the content you created on social media match what you do? If it does, you should have an engagement rate in the 1 minute or higher range. If not, you are bringing the wrong group to your website. Next look at your top viewed pages. Are these pages going to drive your business? Next look at the Path Exploration. Are people using your website in a flow you want them too? Your Call-to-Action should match what you want people to do next on your website.

What You Can Do

So the data isn't what you were hoping for. That's okay. It never looks pretty or meets expectations when you start. What you need to do is set time aside to go over your website. Take 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day and review one page. Are you using the words of your clients throughout your website? What's your Call-to-Action on your home page? In most cases, it should be your About Page. Users want to learn more about you before they purchase from you. The exception is if you are in ecommerce. Then your CTA should be related to your products. Watch your numbers. As you refine your key phrases and focus words, you should see more engagement on your website.

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