Corporate Hacks of Decision Making: The 5 Whys Technique.

If you have struggled to determine your ideal client or the get to the root of a situation you need this tool. The 5 whys can help you dig deeper into a problem; and hopefully alleviate some decision-making fatigue.

What is the 5 Why's tool? This tool can help you understand the core root of a problem. You can see the problem but understanding why its a problem is an entirely different matter. The five why's sets you up to ask why five times. Just like a toddler. I actually refer to this tool as the Toddle Technique. The key is don't behave like a toddler.

Let's use determining your Ideal Client language as our example.

First Why: Why does your Ideal Client need/want your service/product?

Second Why: Why is that (previous answer) important to your ideal client?

Third Why: Why or What benefit does that (previous answer)provide your Ideal Client?

Fourth Why: Why is that (previous answer) important to them?

Fifth Why: Why is that (previous answer) important? Or what does that do for them?

Can you see why I call this the Toddler Technique? We have all dealt with the child who kept asking why. Kids do this to learn more about the world around them. As adults we can learn a thing or two from them.

It doesn't not always have to be a why question. But the strategy is the same, keep asking questions until you can't ask any more. When you get to the root, you have found the core of what you need to adjust or fix.

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