Have you ever experienced that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop and being anxious about that? Feeling like something is going to go wrong can really make you feel powerless can’t it? Perhaps worrying about things is something you just can’t seem to shake off . . . that gets to be overwhelming & stressful, right? Sometimes it can almost feel like you’re never really getting ahead and It just makes you feel STUCK!

Do you want to know a secret? You don’t have to be stuck.

Stuck is not where you’re intended to be. Stuck is not what you deserve.

You’re not meant to suffer or “just get by” or “cope”.

Truth be told, suffering in many cases is optional.

You were born with something incredible to help you transform those thoughts & feelings! Something so amazing that it’s not only able to get you unstuck, but it can create for you dramatic & lasting changes in your life!

Just imagine that . . . a life where those anxieties were just a way you used to think and feel . . . worrying was something you just used to do. With those things out of the picture you are free to be & do what you want . . . and dare I say it, be happier!

This magical thing you were born with that can dislodge you from the problem is called your MIND!! The “magic spell” to empower you is HYPNOSIS!

Most people already know that hypnosis is science & not magic, but this normal, natural, safe & sensational tool in your noggin packs a lot of power! With the right “hypnotic magic words” the door will open to positive shifts & possibilities that are unlike anything you’ve done before!

Most of the time when we are stuck it’s because of a pattern of thought, that creates a feeling that leads to a behavior. The problem of anxiety / depression is a thinking issue (there is no blood test for it and it’s not genetic). So what the mind is suffering is a thought. A thought from the past or an imagined thought from the future. It’s not in the here and now.

So, when we change the way we think and have a new perspective it starts a chain reaction of change! That’s why hypnosis for anxiety / depression works so beautifully. When you understand & know better you think, feel & do better.

It all starts and ends with thought. Once you decide that you are really ready and excited to make the changes, your magical tool of the mind will do everything in its power to help you because it wants the best for you.

If you would like help to quickly & easily get unstuck you can find out more about me and my company at mdlhealingartistry.com.

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Mark D. Lakowske is a sought-after national & international motivational mindset expert, transformational Therapeutic Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, trainer & author. He specializes in helping people let go of the symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief & trauma while giving them inner wisdom, perspective, relief & resilience to embrace new possibilities.

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