Google Analytics and Google My Business: What's the difference?

Do you ask yourself what is Google Analytics? Or Google My Business? Or maybe like most people you think they are the same thing. This week I am focusing on the differences. And yes, they are two separate platforms.

GA4 vs GMB

I have been giving presentations on Google Analytics and Google My Business for almost 2 years now. At every presentation, people are blown away to learn that GA and GMB are two different digital tools. Quite frankly, before I started my company I would have thought the same thing.

When I talk about people or users on your website it is in the abstract sense. You don't know who "they" are but you know people visited your site.

So what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, specifically GA4, is a digital tool to help business owners understand how people use their company website. This platform gives you the data you need to make smart business decisions on marketing and flow of your website. It tells you how people found your website. You see a map of how multiple people used your website. You can search my blog list for more articles on GA4.

So what is Google My Business?

Google My Business is your business's social media profile on Google Search Engines. In my world of SEO, a GMB profile is the foundation for great SEO practices. Like social media, you are going to use your GMB profile to share posts about your company, services or products you offer, and maybe even upcoming events.

The key here is fill in all the information the Google asks about your company. Google will use the information on your GMB profile, if you consistently use it, to help match organic traffic to your website. Don't we all want more free traffic to our sites?

Do you need both?

Yes. Each platform has a completely different purpose. You need a GMB to help Google understand more about your company and who you help. You need Google Analytics to ensure when people visit your website they are engaging and coming back. If they come back you have a higher chance of having a future client.

If you need help with understanding SEO, Google, or how to make most out of your website let me know. You can schedule a Strategy Session with me at this link.