Helping Your Ideal Client Find You

Search Engine Optimization is the key to helping your ideal client find you. There are four keys to making SEO work for you.

What is SEO?

SEO is a tool used in Digital Marketing to increase free, no paid advertising, to your website. There are four keys to SEO success: User, Keywords, Blogs, and Links.

1. Focus on the User

Focus on the user means understanding your ideal client. Your website should be written and created with the person you want to work with in mind. Who is your ideal client? This is the person who you loved to work with, if you have been in business for awhile. New to business? Focus on the problem you can solve for the ideal client you currently want to work with. Trust me, this will change as you develop your business.

2. Keywords

What are the keywords your ideal client uses to describe their problem? Or how do they describe their potential solution? I help small businesses understand how to use a Data Driven Business Strategy. My ideal client doesn't generally use that terminology. What terms does my client use? This is where I focus on highlights of my process; SEO and Google Analytics.

3. Blog

Connecting a blog to your website helps you use more keywords. The more keywords you use the easier time Google has matching your Ideal Client to you. There are other key factors to use as well; like headers within the blog. You may have noticed a change in how I set up each blog. This is to help me reach more organic traffic with an easier to read set up.

4. Links

Links on your page need to be both internal and external. Internal links help people get from one page to another; but they are on page. Crawlers, do not read drop down boxes. So if you want to ensure all of your pages are crawled; you need to have a link to an internal page on another page. I use my Call-to-Action buttons to help with this. External links are those that link outside of your website. Are you member of a professional organization? Link to your membership group. Do you follow certain groups within your industry? You may want to create a link to these groups to let your users learn more about you.

Bringing it all together

SEO is a critical aspect of you website, if you want people to find you. The four aspects I mentioned today are an overview of some of the work I do for my clients. These are keys you can use on your own to help increase organic traffic to your website.

If this feels overwhelming or frustrating even before you start, contact me. Schedule a free 45 minute strategy session to see if we can work together.