Hidden Money in your Backroom

It should be no surprise to anyone that an organized backroom can add money to your bottom line. But how? There are a few simple steps to consider when organizing the backroom.

If you are an e-commerce business, your "backroom" is probably part of your shipping and receiving department. You want your product to flow with how you process orders as much as possible. This also holds true for brick and mortar stores.

The organization of product should make sense based on your sales. When I worked in the commercial tire industry, tires were stored based on size and popularity. The tires which sold the fastest were stored in an easy to access area. Tires, which needed to be on hand but had fewer sales, were stocked in out of the way areas.

When I worked in fashion, I kept seasonal items near the sales floor door for easy replenishment. The basics, which were kept in stock year round, had a separate area. All items once in their designated area were organized by size and color. Again making it easy to restock or fulfill online orders.

If you need another set eyes to help you see how to organize your backroom, I can help. Schedule your Retail Success Strategy Session today for your personalized plan to take your business to it's next level of success.

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