How AMG Innovative Consultants Can Help Your Small Business

Analysis and Data are keys to moving businesses forward with an impact. But there is so much more to business.

Analytics is confusing to many people because of the belief quantity is more important quality. I'm here to tell you, quality is the key. How do we help show quality in your numbers?

We see your business as a whole. We see beyond the numbers to understand your trends, your customer needs, your processes, and so much more. We use data and analysis to investigate how to best help your company.

I have a launched a new set of packages, Digital Packages, to help small business owners use the digital world to their advantage with quality results. Whether you have a website, a store front, or both; I can coach you how to use social media, digital marketing, and website traffic to help your profit margins and the bottom line. But it is not about getting "X" amount of followers. IT IS about ensuring we are finding your ideal client and people who WANT to be informed about your business.

In May, I spent the month writing blogs on SEO and Google Analytics. In these five blogs we discussed everything from "How to Find the Right Customer" to "How to Use Google Analytics". My new packages compress all of this base information plus adds coaching and training based on your business needs and Key Performance Indicators.

There are many ways we can help. Our bottom line is everything is backed up with data and analysis. We use this data to understand your client and how you can best serve the client's needs and reach them in the digital world. If you are tired of the stress. Or tired of living on small margins. Now is the time time to take action, invest in your company.

All of our blogs are about were to start with your analysis. If you need specific information for your business schedule a Retail Success Strategy Session with us. We will discuss packages and a plan of action to help you succeed,.

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Check out our new page, Retail Success Packages, with package and pricing info. My Four Pillars of Success can be applied to all industries.

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