How Do You Make Data Sexy?

Small business owners need to know how to use data to grow their business. Data is not percentages and averages. Data is really about understanding the human behavior behind the numbers.

Human behavior behind the numbers? Yep. It's not a random number you see. Someone, or thing if you have not blocked bot traffic from data collection, was part of that number.

This week I want to look at where to start. The video gives the starting place for everyone who uses Google Analytics. This video has a transcript and closed captioning.

Warning: around the 7 minute mark there are some technical issues. if you want to jump to the end for the wrap up - go to the 10 minute mark. Total video time is 11:50.

What does your acquisition data tell you about your website users? Are you bringing in your ideal client? Do you people stay long enough to read your website? Leave me a comment here or on Social Media. Let's get a conversation started.

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