When your ideal client searches for a keyword or phrase that matches what you want, do you show up? Do you know how to find out? Let me show you how.

What Do You Need in Place?

You need Google Search Console. This Google app tells you what keywords and phrases Google matches you to. This information is taken a step farther by showing you how many people saw your website on a search results page. It also shows how many people clicked to your website.

What Can You Do With This Information?

First thing you want to know, are the search terms what you want to be matched too? For example, the number one search term for my website is Innovative Consultants. Honestly? Not the key term I want to be matched with a majority of the time. It is my business name. Google matches me only due to the name connection.

What To Do If You Need To Rework Your Keywords.

Reworking keywords and phrases need to be done on a page-by-page basis. Each page should be focused on one word throughout the page. This does not mean you use this word over and over. Think about the focus of your homepage. What is the overall message you are tying to convey? How many ways can you say that message?

Focus Your Message.

You know what message you are trying to convey. What is at the root of your message? What is the word or phrase at the heart of the page? On your home page this should be your ideal client's pain point. You use their keyword to describe their problem on your home page.

Need help?

Check out my website to see if my technique is right for your problem.

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