How to Add Dollars to Your Bottom Line in the Shipping and Receiving Department

The month of August I will be breaking down one of my Four Pillars of Success: Store Flow and Organization. Each month between now and November will focus on a different Pillar. Today's blog is all about Shipping and Receiving. The key to success is organization.

I am starting with shipping and receiving because this department is usually overlooked. Everyone understands the need for efficiency. What people do not see is how an efficient department adds money to the bottom line.

First, you need to take a step back and look at the department as whole. Where do deliveries come in and go out. Where is your current set up for processing orders in relation to outgoing and incoming deliveries? Ideally, you want to be set up like an assembly line. Not always possible based on the space you may be in.

Second, look at how you accept online orders. Both E-commerce and Brick and Mortar stores need a set schedule for accepting and processing orders. Also consider, where is the computer or device which you check for orders? Does its current placement make sense with the processing flow?

You also want to consider the business system you have place. Can it properly handle and track inventory as people purchase? If you are spending more time contacting customers to tell them the item they ordered is out of stock; you are losing time and money.

The point is organization. You want to minimize both physical steps and written steps to be clear and concise. Can you get the work done appropriately while reducing steps in the process? If you can, you add dollars to your bottom line. For every step you can remove, you have now added time to invest in your company in other areas.

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