How To Create A Work Space You Love To Work In

If you do not like your office space you will be less motivated to get work done.

It is that simple.

The paperwork and behind the scenes aspect of the job is what makes you money. If you do not reorder product, what will you sell? If you do not run the numbers and analyze sell through rates, web traffic, or call-to-action conversion rates how will you know what you do well or need to fix? I, personally, find all of this fun. Most people, however, do not. Why work in a space that does not make you feel motivated to get work done?

When I moved into my new office, I was excited to finally personalize my space. I am now excited to go to work and spend time in my office. i was in a rental space before that I could not change wall colors or put holes in the wall. I was still able to make the space a joy to work in; but not like I have now.

So what did I do to make my space fun? I added color from walls to curtains. I brought in collectibles from my fandoms. I like Disney and Doctor Who. I also incorporated family pictures and gifts. My perfect space is bright and cheerful. If your aesthetic is the exact opposite, like Goth, go for it. Your office is where you complete all the mundane tasks. It needs to reflect you in some way and bring you joy, to quote a TV host. Your options maybe limited as to what you can do, but you can add some fun to any environment.

If you want to see my work space check out my Instagram account tomorrow!

So why a blog on workspace? Well, this month I want to focus on the mundane tasks we, as business owners, need to to complete. Topics we cover this month will be more enjoyable if your space is where you like to get work done.

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