How-to Create Sales Floor Work Flow to Add to your Bottom Line.

If you have read the last two blogs you would know the key so far is organization. Guess what? The key for your sales floor is also organization. This is where it gets tricky. You need to organize in a way which is also eye appealing to guests.

In E-commerce, you don't have a true sales floor. You do have a website, which also has to be organized in a way to make sense to the user. For example: I am currently searching for outdoor patio furniture. Some websites list their patio furniture with soil and flowers. Which I personally, am not a fan of. Other sites list it with furniture and have a sub category for patio furniture. This type of set up makes sense to me.

The key to "sales floor"organization for e-commerce sites is ensuring you have the right categories and sub-categories to appeal to the user. Everything about selling online is about the user, if you want to be successful. The user's point view will determine the success of your site.

In brick and mortar stores, you have a similar issue. You need to ensure your floor set makes sense to the shopper, but it also has to flow with your backroom. You need to be able to quickly mover from sales floor to backroom to quickly help the guest in front of you. If you don't have a back stock of items no problem. You still need an organized sales floor to properly showcase your products.

If you carry multiples of a product and store them on the sales floor you need to consider: the ability to stack neatly and the guest's ability to reach an item. Have you ever gone shopping and the item you wanted was precariously stacked? I have forgone buying an item because I did not want to be the one to dump the items on the floor.

Again, look at your sales floor from the perspective of the guest. You need to balance the guest's ability to shop with you; and your needs to keep the floor neatly stocked.

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