How To File and Track Events: Lessons Learned

Successful planning for any event, holiday, or even monthly goals NEEDS to include a recap. In Business Analysis we call this Lessons Learned.

You and your team need to discuss three questions:

  1. What Went Well?

  2. What Did Not Go Well?

  3. What Can We Improve On For Next Time?

The first question, what went well is simple. What do you want to repeat at the next event? Make a list of everything that went well. If you can add any extra data or a synopsis of what happened, even better.

The second question, what did not go well, can be difficult for some to answer. Honestly, it will be pretty easy to see what did not work. What will be difficult is overcoming the emotion involved. Maybe what did not work was someone's idea that they were really proud of. You need to tread carefully while still having the discussion. Keep the topic focused on the idea not the person who came up with it.

The third question, what can we improve on for next time, is the fun question. You can take the top two questions and come up with ideas for the next event. Think of it as another brain storming session.

These three questions can also be used for end of the month, quarter, or year number breakdown. These three questions are a great way to stay focused on your business and keep moving forward to your next level of success.

The final key is to create a file with all relevant information.

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