How to get the "Right" Customer to your Website using SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are buzzwords. But do you know how to use SEO as a tool to drive your target market to your website?

Last night I gave a presentation to a group of Business Analysts on the technical side of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My goal is give all of you a few key takeaways on how to use these techniques in your business over the next five weeks.

SEO is a tool used in Digital Marketing to increase free, no paid advertising, to your website. There are four keys to SEO success:

1. Focus on the User

2. Keywords- what are the keywords your ideal target market uses when googling a similar product or service?

3. Connect a blog to your website. Write on a specific topic using keywords.

4. Links both internal and external

But how do you know your SEO is working? This where analytics are key. You need to understand how to interpret data using a digital marketing funnel and analytics.

Over the next four weeks I will be posting on each of the key factors to SEO and what tools to use to analyze the data.

If you don't want to wait a month to gather all of the information; you can make an appointment to meet with me. We will discuss your company and how AMG Innovative Consultants can help you reach your next level of success. Click here to book your free appointment. If you are with a professional group or organization who would like me to present on this topic click here.

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