How to Measure Your Marketing Success

The secret to measuring market success is: numbers. At least in my viewpoint. Someone else may have a different opinion.

Shocking, right? Maybe not. If you have read any of my other blog posts you know I love analyzing numbers and everything in my world comes back to numbers.

So how do you measure your success? We need to look at your Google Analytics, or comparable tool you use, and Social Media Insights. Google Analytics, and similar tools, measure how traffic finds you (acquisition), how your website is used (behavior), and if the goals you have set have been achieved (conversion). If you download my freebie, free when you sign up for my Retail Success Strategies Email, you can see a breakdown of what to look for. Social Media Insights is a simplified version of Google Analytics and , in my opinion, user friendly.

Facebook Insights breaks down the numbers on you pages by various categories. The top ones you want to be considered with are engagement. How many times did users click on various parts of your page. Did they click on the website button, directions button, phone button, or another action button. You want to see how many people you reached vs how many people engaged on your page. Engagement is reacting to a post (like, love, care, etc), shared your post, and/or left a comment. It will also track how many times people recommended your page.

Other areas to look at are: top posts and popular times for people to visit your page. You may want to do more posts that fall in line with the top posts for your page. If these top posts increase engagement even better. Top times people visit your page should be considered with a "grain of salt" as the saying goes. Are the top times whenever you make a post? Meaning it doesn't matter when you make a post. Or are you seeing a difference between when you make a post and when people engage with it?

What you do not want to consider is how many fans or followers you have. At the end of the day it does not matter how many people like your page. It's about how many people interact with you on your page.

Something fun I have been watching on my FB business page is page viewings. I have more than quadrupled my page viewings since August 24th. This means I am seeing a larger audience. Downside, not a lot of engagement. This means I have to re-evaluate my marketing strategy and add-in more call-to-actions by asking questions and getting users to respond. Numbers and investigations for the win!

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