How to Plan What Marketing Channels to Use

Let's be honest, your Ideal Client is not on all social media channels. You need to understand your ideal client to understand which social media channels to use.

You need to identify your target market and ideal client. No you cannot say: everybody. Or as they say in one makeup MLM: "Everyone with skin". Truth is not everyone is your ideal client. Think about who are your top clients. Why did you like working with them? Make a list of the qualities you are looking for in every client. Your personality won't mesh with everyone. You need to be selective of who you work with to ensure a positive business.

Once you have a list. Think about the your ideal client and what social media channel they will be on. Here's a breakdown of different social media channels and types of users.

Facebook is the over 35 crowd and family orientated. Are you looking to work with more moms? Grandparents? This would be a good place to start. Facebook Lives are also a great way to spread the word about what you do.

Instagram is for people who love photography, "want to be somebody" - quite a few people are trying to be influencers. I am on Instagram - but not to be an influencer. The other group of people on Insta are small business owners. My ideal client is a small business owner.

TikTok - younger generation but quickly being taken over by an older crowd. If you can make quick short videos of your product, this is the place for you.

LinkedIn - I have a love/hate relationship with them. This is a professional site. What you post on Facebook does not work on LinkedIn. Its a great spot to connect with other business owners. The downside is all of the spam you receive. My recommendation is be cautious who you connect with on this site.

YouTube - is great for "How to" videos. I have a YouTube Channel. What I do is upload my Facebook Lives to YouTube using "How To" titles. One video now has two sets of legs. This means I post it on two different channels. I also cross post videos on LinkedIn if you are curious.

You have a target market, you can match the social media channel to your market, next step is to post. Which is an entirely different blog. Or you could schedule to work with me instead.

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