Part 3: How to use Blogs and SEO to Generate Traffic

Websites with blogs generate more traffic. Blogs can also be beneficial if you use SEO keywords. In last week's post, we covered focusing on the customer to determine your keywords. This week let's expand on the keywords and how to incorporate them into your blog.

When writing a blog you need to create an outline that includes an introduction, a challenge, a solicitation, and a Call-to-Action. Think about your school days and writing an outline for papers.

Your introduction needs to be brief and only a couple of sentences. You want to use a keyword(s) in the the title. Similar to how I used the keywords blogs and SEO. You also need to use the keywords in the first two paragraphs. When you place keywords in the title and near the top of the page, you will have a better chance of search engines understanding your topic and matching your blog to the right user query. Which then generates the "right"customer or target market to your site.

The next step is understanding and answering a challenge of your Target Market. My target market for this blog are Small Business Owners who are blogging or want to start blogging to improve SEO performance. Their challenge is how to properly write a blog using keywords and seem "spammy". The key is don't over use your keywords.

You also want to leave the reader wanting more. This will lead to conversions on your Call-to-Action (CTA). What do you want the reader to do after reading your blog? The answer to that questions is your CTA. See the next paragraph as my example.

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