Do you know how to tell if your website is working for you? Do you ignore your website and HOPE you get clients or customers from it? If so, you are not alone.

Why you should care if your website works for you.

You probably spent money to market yourself on the web. If your website isn't working for you, is it a good marketing investment? Simply put, no.

Beyond the investment piece, it is a visual representation of you and your company. What impression is yours making? Mine I realized was an eclectic mess. Thank goodness for Tess at Simply Enhance. I've known for while my website was not operating at optimum levels, but website design is not my strong suit.

How to know you need help.

I knew my website was not helping me because of Google Analytics 4. I could tell by the number of people engaging for less than 20 seconds on my home page that something was amiss. The other big indicator was my lack of retention rate of Organic Users to Direct Users.

When people go to you website and walkaway before scrolling, it is highly likely an image problem. My website uses my two main colors, navy blue and mustard gold. I originally had both colors highly visible when a user clicked on the page. Not good. Both colors are very strong. Under Tess's instruction I switched my page to a white background and a focus on my image. My company name and slogan are off to the left but not overly in a users vision.

You website functionality and Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics is the main tool I use when working with clients. I use it to determine problems with a website, create business and marketing strategy, and drive organic traffic to my pages.

When you use a data-driven business strategy you give yourself focus on how to improve your business. If you are a service based company, see what pages have the most views. Use this knowledge to create marketing with next steps. Let's say you notice a lot of people are looking at your page listing different ways to work with you. You can create a social media post to go across all your channels on a service or package you offer. "Did you know you can work with us on XYZ? Here are the top 3 benefits our clients see when they hire us to do XYZ. Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment to see how we can help you."

The key is to keep your text to a minimal amount. Too many words and users will scroll on by. But you can use this for almost any situation to drive users to your website. But how would you know where to focus if you don't know if your website is working for you?

Check out my new home page , it is still in progress but looking much fresher. I would love to hear your thoughts. I also updated my Main Street Packages page, but I did that one on my own. We'll see what Tess has to say about it. 😉

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