Let's Slam The Door On 2020

It is time to finalize our review of 2020 and say GET LOST!

Last week we talked about what information you needed to move into 2021. Let's go over that information now. When we are done, you won't have to think about 2020 again or least not until you file your taxes.

Lessons learned as I have discussed in previous blogs cover what went well, what did not go well, and what can be improved on. The key factor you need to take into account is would the outcome been different without Covid-19?

Jot down with detail or type it, what went well this past year and why. What happened that fell into place? Any happy accidents? What positives did you learn about your business and customers?

Next , what did not go well? What was an all-an-all out failure? Make sure to note if this failure could have been avoided had it not been for covid-19. You want to make this note in case you want to try an item again.

Lastly, considered what could be improved upon. Maybe a marketing strategy failed and it was not due to Covid-19. Could you make an adjustment for it to be a success? Look at your what went well list. Even though everything went well, can any improvements be made?

Once you have your lists, file the document with your 2020 business information. Or file it with year end information for an easy way to go back. You don't want to forget about this information. The purpose of the documentation is to help you with your business in the future. You will never level up your business if you don't learn from the past.

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