Making Numbers Sexy

Data is not sexy. If you say I made $1 million sales sales last year? Now numbers are sexy. Let's discuss data and how it drives you towards the $1 million in sales.

I love data. I love looking at data from different angles. I love showing people how to use data to increase sales. However, other techie business owners and I have been discussing how numbers are not sexy. People hear the words data or analysis and they zone out of the conversation. I get it. Numbers and data are not generally fun topics. However, numbers and data are a key to your business' success.

Where do you start? Google Analytics. What I love about Google Analytics 4 is the data is closer accurate picture than UA (Universal Analytics). An example is Session Duration (UA) vs Engagement Time (GA4).

In session duration, as long as your website page was open on a tab, it was considered time on page. The user could have opened a new tab and been browsing another website while your website is open on a different tab. Eventually the page will time out; but according to UA it looks like someone spent a lot of time on your page or website. Reality is they may have barely looked at your site.

In engagement time, the user has to be active on your page / website. This could be scrolling, a video playing, or clicking on links. If the user is engaging on the site, they are resonating with what you have to say, you have a better chance at conversion.

My next series of blogs will be breaking down Google Analytics 4. I will link to a video each week to walk you through what is different what to consider.

Let me know what you think of numbers. How do you feel when you hear "data" or analysis"? Leave a comment on this blog to start the discussion.

If you want to learn more about how Google Analytics can help your business, schedule your 1-on-1 session with me. We will discuss your numbers and a starting point for taking action. Don't have a Google Analytics account? No worries. We can set that up too.