New Beginnings

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

My journey to start this company began 15 years ago. I discovered I had a talent for taking failing stores and making them profitable. I encountered a few life roadblocks on this journey and used the time to broaden my hands-on business experience in various industries. I have worked in for-profits and nonprofits, in sales and in offices. I've worked for corporations and small businesses.

The common thread is every business, no matter the size, struggles. The problem is understanding the root-cause of the problem. What a business experiences or thinks is the problem is generally a symptom of a much larger obstacle. It requires analysis and understanding of the business to determine the root of the problem. My certification through UC-Davis and the IIBA was my final piece to putting everything together. As a certified Business Analyst I can now help others determine root-cause, develop a solution, implement the solution, and monitor to ensure you reach the desired results.

My goal is to work with small businesses. I believe small business is the lifeline of the community. I shop with small business because I know money spent in in the community goes back to the community. My idea of being a consultant to small business came about while walking in Downtown Lake Elsinore and the Shops at Dos Lagos in Corona. The number of small businesses that have closed is staggering. If you walk along any downtown you will see the same thing. I had a meeting with two small business bankruptcy lawyers not long after this idea began to form. They said a majority of businesses close not because of the business idea; but due to the lack of understanding on how to run the business. This is where I can help.

Do you have a website? Do you know how many people use your site daily, weekly, monthly? Do you know how long people stay on your site? If not, no worries. I can help set up analytics so you can see the numbers. Do you have a baseline metric for analyzing your business? I can help with that too. Are you struggling with day-to-day paper and basic business administration? I can help organize and set up process flows. Are you a retail store and your backroom/ stock area is a dumping ground and/or not efficient to meet business needs? I can help organize and plan out product flow.

I have a vast knowledge and experience in business. I also have a network of other consultants and specialists. If I can not solve your problem, it's highly likely I know the person who can. If you are looking for assistance book your free consultation with me. Let's work together to see your small business climb to new heights.

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