Part 1: Why Focus on Holiday Prep by July

As a Small Business Retailer, you primarily do the back office work. This means you NEED to plan for business in advance to be successful. The big retailers started planning for the day after Christmas in June. This means their Holiday plans started in January or February. Now you do not need to plan that far in advance. But you do need a plan in place by the end of July.

So why the focus on Holiday Prep by July? People will be out or online shopping for the Holidays. You know they are looking for gifts to give. You need to be prepared. If your vendors have not already contacted you for your holiday order, now is the time to start thinking about what you want your business to do. By planning now, you can create a less stressful holiday season for yourself.

The other reality of this year, is numbers are down for everyone. The Holidays will determine who stays open and who has to close. Small Businesses need plans and goals to stay on track and to be successful. At a minimum, you should have a plan in place for Small Business Saturday.

Over the course of the month of July, I will breakdown the plan into easy steps to get you started. You can follow along and plan out your season with each blog in small chunks. Let's be honest, small chunks make the task more manageable. Also we are launching Facebook Live Friday to answer your questions! Submit your question in the comments on the blog or Direct Message us on our Facebook Business Page. We will answer you question LIVE on Fridays and send a typed response after going live.

Here is a breakdown of the future blogs:

Part 2: How to Start Your Holiday Planning - July 8th

Part 3: You Have the beginnings of a Plan, Now What? - July 15th.

Part 4: How to the get the word out: Planning your Marketing! - July 22nd.

Part 5: Finalizing the plan - July 29th.

If you need to start planning your Holiday Season today, schedule your Retail Success Strategy Session. We will discuss the Retail Mastery Plan with a focus on your Holiday Plan and the Four Pillars of Success.. You can also visit the website to learn more about AMG Innovative Consultants, inc.

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