Part 2: How to Focus in on the Customer for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about how your customer or consumer sees your product. To fully achieve SEO you need to understand the customer's perspective. This is not only about SEO but about how to use Google Analytics.

SEO is customer focused. When creating your SEO plan you need to understand who your Ideal Target Market is. You need to know how the ideal target market describes and uses your product or service. How the target market describes its needs will give you step two: knowing the keywords to find your ideal target market.

Let's take my company as an example. I am a trained Business Analyst and use the tools of my trade to help my clients achieve success. My client does not Google "business analyst". They Google "Business Consultants". I have created a niche market for myself by focusing in on Small Business. My ideal target market is Small Business Owners with a business problem. Knowing my target market helps focus my plan on the type of client I need to reach out too. This is why identifying your target market first is so important. If your target market is business professionals who understand and use business jargon; you can use business jargon for keywords. Reality is most target markets do not use the industry lingo to describe a product or service. You will need to think about how your target market describes the product or service.

But how do you know you found them? Besides an increase in lead generation, there are other factors to consider.

Google Analytics helps you understand what factors to consider. Overall SEO helps you acquire new clients and your target market through organic (read as free) traffic to your site. In Google Analytics you can find out how a user found your website (search query, social media, direct link, or referral). Once a user is on your site you can look at how they navigate your site. This will lead to a better understanding of what problems may exist and give you a starting point to fine tuning your web pages. You can also look at bounce rate. The number of people who leave your website after seeing one page could mean you are using the wrong keywords for your target market.

If you don't want to wait a month to gather all of the information; you can make an appointment to meet with me. We will discuss your company and how AMG Innovative Consultants can help you reach your next level of success. Click here to book your free appointment. If you are with a professional group or organization who would like me to present on this topic click here.

AMG Innovative Consultants, inc is a Small Business Consulting Company. Our mission is to help Small Businesses succeed and overcome obstacles. We accomplish this through diligent analysis and team work. Amy is also Google Analytics certified.

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