Part 4: How use Links to increase your SEO Performance

Links, both internal and external, increase your SEO performance when done properly. LInks must be trustworthy/ have a good online reputation and be unique. They must also not be overused.

Internal links on your site help crawlers. A crawler is a program that visits websites to index them for search engines. They can go by multiple names: spiders, bots, and scooters for example. These programs cannot see pages listed in drop-down menus. Which means you need to link the drop-down page somewhere on a main page for it to be indexed. Check out my site under the About Menu item. I have a drop-down page called Amy's Education. I have the education page also linked on the About page under the details about Amy.

Another great way to add useful internal links to your website is through blogs. Check out my web page Business Consulting to see a link to my blog on "What does a Business Analyst do". Internal links can help crawlers index a page but when done right it also improves SEO performance. The links should help the crawlers understand the content on your page through the use of keywords.

External Links need to follow these guidelines: they must be from trustworthy sources, relevant to your business/topic, must be unique, and do not use to many. Take professional organizations which have a National or International headquarters. There are local chapters as part of the organization. Both groups can ink to each other. This creates a level of trust and builds each one's online reputation as trustworthy. Now if a local chapter starts to randomly link various pages with topics not related to their goal or business it will decrease the online reputation and trustworthiness. This leads to search engines not promoting your page through SEO. The other issue is if you have too many of the same link and they are not unique, not all your links will be indexed. Check out this article on the topic.

Next week is all about Google. They why and how of analytics and SEO.

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