Part 5: How to use Google Analytics to Optimize SEO Performance

We've spent the last four weeks digging into SEO. Now let's put the focus on how Google Analytics. Honestly, it's my favorite part of SEO.

Through the use of SEO you are targeting your ideal market for your product or service. Analytics will tell you which categories (Social Media, Organic Search, Direct, or Referral) users are finding your website through.

Google Analytics plays a key role in SEO. If you think about a digital marketing funnel it is broken down into three sections: Acquisition(SEO), Behavior (Analytics), and Conversion(Analytics). SEO is helping you to refine your keywords and website pages by helping you understand your target market. Analytics will tell you what pages are issues; hence showing you where to improver your website to improve conversion on your Call-To-Action.

in Google Analytics there is a section dedicated to behavior. My favorite report is the "Behavior Flow Map". This maps shows what page users landed on to get to your website, what pages they visited after landing, and how many interactions (or how many pages were viewed by one user). You do not know anything else about the user. The other key data point I look at here is exit pages. On the behavior flow map it shows how many people interacted with one page and left. I then look at the "exit page" report and to dig deeper into what percentage of people left from what page. I ask myself questions like: is this page a normal page for people to leave the site from? is this page designed to make people delve into another page? what is the purpose of the page?

I have a client who has a landing page for his website. If you are a first time user to his page you first have to click one of two buttons to enter the site. When we first started working together 75% of users left the page without interacting or clicking a button. They never entered the website. After redesigning the page only 20% of people leave without interacting or clicking a button. We have now increased the number of people entering the website and moving through the different pages.

Based on the two above mentioned reports we were able to identify which pages we needed to refine. We also were able to determine that new pages needed to be added.

Conversions on your CTA is the point of your website. If people are not completing the CTA it maybe time to reevaluate the wording and design of your pages. Look at the type of language you are using. Remember at the end of the day your website is a passive salesperson. Is your website answering the question of the users? Is your website connecting with the users in a trustworthy way? Or is there an issue with a link? Analytics will help point where the problem may be so you can continue to refine your website and maximize on search engine optimization.

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