Part 5: Retail Holiday Prep: Finalize the Plan

You have planned for the season. Ordered your product. Made a marketing plan and now it's time to finalize the plan. How are you going to organize your store for the Seasonal setup? Do you need back stock space?

I am sure while you were determining what items to bring in you though about placement. How are you going to display each item? Do you have the appropriate space for back stock if needed? One of the Four Pillars of Success is all about Store Organization and Flow. Not only on the sales floor but from the backroom to the sales floor.

The first step is determining if you NEED to keep an area for back stock. If you do, consider size of the item and placement in relation to the sales floor door. Seasonal items should ALWAYS be back stocked within eyesight of the backroom door. Seasonal items need to sell in a certain time frame. If they are not kept within eyesight they are easily forgotten and you lose money. If an employee goes to the back for one item and see the seasonal item it jogs their memory to restock if necessary. Backroom organization is key in other ways, but that will be covered in one of the blogs in the month of August.

The next step is the planning the sales floor layout. You want Seasonal items front and center to catch people's eye. But remember people still need to walk or use assistive devices, like wheelchairs, in the store. If you don't already, you should have a laminated to-scale grid of your sales floor with dimensions of the space and size of tables and other display units. This will help you stay an accessible place to shop while displaying your amazing inventory.

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