People Don't Know Your Business Exists

We all know this to be true. The key to understanding how to get your business in front of more people is: Knowing your ideal client and Mapping Your Customer Journey.

I've posted on Ideal Client in the past. So today I will spend the time discussing Mapping Your Customer Journey.

Mapping Your Customer's Journey

I use Customer Journey Mapping to help show how Organic Traffic finds your website. The map created is used with Path Analysis on Google Analytics. We can compare what we want users to do on your website to what they actually do. Part the mapping is determining length of time on each page.

Why Timing Matters

It's important to understand how long your Ideal Client will spend on each page. This is one way to know if your page is resonating with them. It also gives you a heads up if you have any problems on the page. If you have a link or video issue, you should check your Search Console to see where the issue is. Problems on websites with links or videos slowing down SEO are factors that will bring down your engagement rate.

How To Map the Customer Journey

I focus on how your Organic Traffic finds you and how they use your website. My first step is go over the homepage. More often than not, the homepage is where you want your new user to go first. What are the keywords your ideal client uses? They should be spread out here as you describe your business. But where do you want them to go next?

I look at this from the user perspective. After looking at your homepage, what question do they want answered next? Do they want product information? Do they want to know about you? Your answer will be the next step in your map. You keep asking yourself what do they want to know next to get the rest of the steps.

Remember, part of their journey is getting to know more about you. Which means they might not book with you right away or buy your product. This means at the appropriate step, have links to Social Media (business pages) and an email list sign up.

After The Map Is Created

Now you check your Google Analytics weekly. Use Path Analysis to determine if the flow you think a new user should be taking is happening or if something else is happening. Here's where the fun begins. If they are using your website differently: Do you change your map? Or do you leave breadcrumbs to help them use your website the way you want them to?

Have you used this method before? What success did you have? Did anything surprise you in the data?

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