Quick and Easy Numbers for Increased Sales

Updated: May 6

As Small Business Owners we are BUSY ALL THE TIME! Unless your job is data analysis, no one has time for it. This month I want to focus on features in Google Analytics that makes number watching quick and easy.

In Universal Analytics, Google had you connect to Data Studio, enter what dimensions and metrics you wanted and...... IT TOOK FOREVER! You basically needed a degree in Google Analytics to use the data studio.

Google Analytics 4 update brought an integrated Data Studio feature. In the left hand menu, go to Analysis than to Template Gallery. Choose your template and your data will automatically populate. You can still change dimension and metrics but it no longer requires an advanced knowledge base. The best part? Once you use a template it moves to your Analysis Hub (above the template gallery). All you have to do is change the date and new data will populate. It will take SECONDS!

But how does that help you with increased sales? Let me walk you through a template you should be using. In template gallery, under Use Cases Go to Acquisition. The caption states it will help you understand if your Marketing efforts are paying off. Who doesn't want that? I know I want to make sure my advertising money is getting me results.

There are multiple tabs to see the information in different viewpoints. You can even click on the source and breakdown the information by how someone found you. For example the source I looked at was Google Organic. Under the (S) tab for source, I right-clicked on Google. This brought up a menu and I clicked on view User. I can know see how Google Organic Traffic users went through my website. Pages they looked at, how many events they completed (clicks, scrolls, etc.). Each user is assigned a number. I can look at each number and see how that specific number interacted with my website.

Now do the same process with Google Ads. The amount of information you get will let you know: did you find your ideal client? Which source had the highest conversions? These are only two key questions to ask yourself about your marketing efforts.

If you need help with Google Analytics or SEO, schedule with me to discuss how we can work together. If we agree to work together, I can even walk you through setting up your Google Analytics account.