Quick and Easy Numbers for Increased Sales: Funnels

The dreaded funnels! Everyone is talking about them, some people are using them, but are you measuring your funnel success?

Trended Funnel Template in Google Analytics 4

I have spent the month talking about Analysis Hub and the array of templates. These templates make the small business owner's job easier. You can now see the numbers in seconds, and don't need a degree in dimensions and metrics.

Funnels are steps in your selling process. Each step can be measure for success based on what your needs are for the step. If you are focusing on SEO, you also want to know if your organic traffic is getting through the process or dropping off. If organic traffic is dropping off, is it in the same step? This answer will you give you a lot of information.

I have found trended funnels the most useful in comparing steps in my funnel. I want to know what step do I start to lose users? How far along the funnel does the organic traffic get? What are the abandonment rates between desktop and mobile devices? Is there an easy to spot problem I should be investigating further?

The Trended Funnel Report also tells you how many people completed the conversion. Important information if you want your funnel to be successful. If people are not converting? Go back over the data and look for areas where a majority of users dropped off. Once you start to see a pattern in the data you can dig further to find the problem and eventual solution.

If you are looking for help with increasing your organic traffic. Or you need help with Google Analytics or SEO, schedule with me to discuss how we can work together.

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