Quick and Easy Numbers for Increased Sales: Path Analysis

Analysis Hub is a section in Google Analytics 4. In Analysis Hub there is a number of templates to help you quickly - as in seconds - have a graph at your fingertips.

Analysis of data can be difficult. One of the benefits of Google Analytics 4, is they make it easier for you to understand your numbers. Today's focus will be on the template "Path Analysis".

What Makes Path Analysis Amazing?

Path Analysis is what Behavior Flow was in Universal Analytics. The great aspect of Path Analysis is now you choose too look at pages the user followed OR events and clicks.

Why is this important? For some businesses it is important Users see certain information first. If your user doesn't see the information as you intended you could be losing out on business.

I have many clients who offer services. Their homepage is overview of what they do. They have page dedicated to the features of what they sell. Then they have a pricing page. If users skip the feature page, will they stay on your site after seeing the prices? In my experience, no. Not one service provider had people stay on site who saw the price before the features.

Path Analysis is the tool to let you see if your users are getting all the information they need - in the right order. Your website is helps people learn you exist, get to know you, and trust you (when used with other digital tools for nurturing the relationship). If they run after seeing only your prices, you will struggle to make your sales goals.

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