Quick and Easy Numbers for Increased Sales PT2

Analysis of data can be difficult. One of the benefits of Google Analytics 4, is they make it easier for you to understand your numbers.

In Google Analytics 4, on the left side navigation menu there is a section called Analysis. Under this section click on Analysis Hub. There is a number of templates to help you quickly - as in seconds - have a graph at your fingertips.

Today's focus will be on Use Case Conversion.

You can look at Conversion from three perspectives in this report.

1) Conversion Types - which looks at events such as opening a page, ad impressions, starting a session, etc. Crossed with type of device used, conversions and event value.

2) Conversions Over Time - All users over a time graph with which dates had the most sessions start, in-app purchases, first open, etc.

3) Conversion Sources - where did session starts come from? Google Organic, firebase, direct, etc. Crossed with event value and conversions.

At a glance this is a quick snapshot for ecommerce and app builders. But this still has value for others. It's another way to quickly see which pages had the best engagement or conversion. You can see what sources brought in traffic and which source had the best conversion rate. You can also see which days you had the best or worst engagement and conversion.

Even service based businesses can use conversion data. Knowing how people who engage with your website/app/store helps you to market better. It also helps you to understand your ideal client. The better understanding you have the better organic traffic you can bring to your site.

If you are looking for help with increasing your organic traffic. Or you need help with Google Analytics or SEO, schedule with me to discuss how we can work together.

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