Root-Cause Analysis and How it Helps your Business.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Picture a tree. You see the bark, branches, and leaves. What you don't see is what made them grow - the root system. Think about what you see as problems in your business. The reality is the problems you see are the symptoms which grew out of another deeper issue. Root-Cause Analysis is identifying and evaluating the underlying cause(s) of a problem.

A common business problem in today's world is lead generation. What I have seen is the issue is deeper. All businesses are impacted by the web; whether you are in ecommerce or use it only to give people directions to your location. This is why SEO and Analytics are so important. When I started looking at how many people were visiting my clients websites I saw daily interaction. One client needed to only convert 1% of site traffic to support the business for a year. Now the question becomes: Why were visitors not converting?

You can spend your money on lead generation apps and paid advertising; but would they solve the problem? In this case, no. As a small business owners, we all need to spend our money wisely. If you choose to invest in a product or advertising without knowing the cause of the problem, you are wasting your money. The problem will never be solved.

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