Small Business Appreciation Post!

The keys to success for Small Business Owners are digital tools. Time is short and your tools should make your job easier.

In my business, I work with small businesses to keep me moving forward.

Here is a list of the Small Businesses and the tools I use to be successful.

Work Smarter Digital: I drooled over their Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). Most people use Constant Contact or Mailchimp; but, what Work Smarter Digital provides is above and beyond other options. Their system is the complete package of website builder/host, membership site (this where my classes are housed), Google connections to Analytics and your Google My Business Page, and so much more.

They currently have a new done-for-you packages you should check out.

SocializeLA : If you have read any of my blogs on marketing or watched my Facebook Lives on marketing, this name will be familiar. My favorite product for marketing is their Master Planner. I am also involved in two groups with them: Modern Marketing and #FlexYourInfluence. I love the community support from other small business owners as we plan and chat about business.

I also want to give a shoutout to a non-profit: Inland Empire Women's Business Center.

This group was instrumental in getting my business up and running as a new entrepreneur. I attended as many of the workshops I feasibly could. Each workshop provide a new piece of information; which my analytical brain ran with to the deep end of the pool. I also meet wonderful entrepreneurs who were supportive of one and another. Also a huge shoutout to Delesa. She is an amazing representative for the Business Center.

In your journey as a Small Business Owner you need to find "your tribe" of support. As a solopreneur this journey could be excruciating to walk on my own. The three small businesses I mentioned here are only three of the amazing people I consider in my tribe.

The rest of my tribe is: JGR Consultancy , Kris Loya Art , Toni B Yoga . Check out their pages for more information on what they do. These ladies have helped me through this year with their friendship and advice.

What small businesses do you rely on? I would love for you to give them some love in the comments on the blog or on one of my social media channels.

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