Successful Sales end with an Organized Cash Wrap

The efficiency of your cash wrap will help you build relationships with your customers.

Think about your experience as a customer at the end of the buying process. You have made your decision and you want to move on to your next task. What is more frustrating than a slow end of sale process?

If you are shopping online multiple on necessary steps can be aggravating for you. If you are shopping in person, watching the sales people walk all over and take extra time at ringing out your purchase can also be stress inducing for you.

So as a retailer, how do you make the closing process as smooth as possible? Through organization and setting a process flow that looks flawless to the customer.

The first step is to walk through your end of sale process like a customer. Once the customer has decided to check out, what is their first step you want them to take? Your process flow should be easy for customer to understand. In e-commerce they click on the shopping cart. In person, they walk up to the cash wrap.

If you are an e-commerce site, walk through the end process. Think about how the customer adds coupon code. Can they add extra items to their cart? What other options do customers need for a smooth checkout? Your site needs to be a secure site for accepting credit cards.

If you are in person, is your cash wrap organized for a quick checkout? Do you use tissue paper and bags for check out? Is it organized in an easy access area so the sales associate does not have to run all over the store? Do you keep extra shopping bags and tissue at the cash wrap? Walk through the process as a sales associate. Does the set up have an easy flow? Are the supplies which are needed for the sales, receipt tape, ink, cleaning supplies, easy to get to? My biggest peeve is when basic supplies for the register can not be found.

The other positive aspect to a well organized check out area; is it is easy to restock. Have you ever run out of supplies? Made that run to the local store to buy receipt tape? If you are well-organized you will know when a reorder is needed. Do you want to be the customer who can not get a receipt? Most stores do email them now, but some customers still want the paper copy.

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