The Four Pillars of Success: Marketing and Customer Service

Last week I decided to own my knowledge in the Retail Industry and Retail Sector. My 20+ years of experience can help many small retail business owners. My experience has also given me the template to help other retail owners succeed. This is where my Four Pillars of Success come in. The Four Pillars are: Marketing, Customer Service, Store Flow and Organization, and Back Office. Next week's blog will be on Store Flow and Organization and Back Office.

The First Pillar is Marketing. As a small business if you are not embracing marketing you are losing money. Marketing has a wide scope, but with a simple breakdown of your needs and target market you can create an easy to follow plan. You also do not need to spend money right away. You also do not want to spend money on ads without knowing your market.

First, who is your target market and where do you find them. What social media sources do they use? If you have these pieces of information you now have overcome two obstacles. Can people find you online? If a user is looking for a product you carry, will they find you in a search engine like Google? This is a huge key to equalizing small businesses and corporations.

Second, how do you get your message out? Do you have a monthly plan for marketing? Do you theme and plan out your goals weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly? Marketing requires planning and a plan to make it happen. It can be a struggle in the beginning but as you find your rhythm, it will all fall into place.

The Second Pillar is Customer Service. I will ruffle some feathers with this one. The customer is not always right. There are people out in the world who have chips on their shoulders and want to make your life miserable. You have to ask yourself, "is there business important to you?" Does the customer who believes they are always right cost you more money to keep than to let them walk? No one but you can answer that question. What lines do you need to have to keep your business up and running? You cannot please everyone.

Customer Service also means greeting everyone who walks into your store. You do not need to push sales. What you do need to do is have a conversation with those willing to talk to you. Be available for questions. The customer should always be able to see you. This is what makes shopping local fun. My dollars are helping a local business owner succeed not a billionaire buy another yacht or their third house.

If you want to see how AMG Innovative Consultants Four Pillars of Success can help your business, schedule your Retail Success Strategy Session today. We can design a plan around one pillar of focus or cover all pillars in our Customized Mastery Blueprint. You click on the button at the top of the blog page or go to our website:

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