The Top Digital Tools Small Business Owners NEED: Part 1

There are three top digital tools ALL small business owners need. Over the next three weeks we will cover each one and why its important.

This week is my #3 tool: CRM or Customer Relationship Management system.

This is one digital tool I made a mistake on when I first opened. I hope the advice I give in this blog will keep you from making my mistake.

The main mistake I made was thinking it was not important enough to need when I opened my business. I bootstrapped my company- no loans taken out. I had to work my business financial needs into my household budget. I made the decision that a CRM was not important when first opening but I was wrong. Part of my decision was based on not knowing the full capabilities of a CRM.

What do you need to know?

First, what kind of analytics does your CRM provide? My current CRM links directly to Google Analytics - which is AWESOME! Second, is there a limit of how many landing pages you can have? How many emails or newsletters you can send out? How large of an email list can you have? Can the CRM host your website? Is using a CRM that can host your website more cost effective in the long run? How many triggers and funnels can you set up? All key questions you need answers to.

There are some simple, easy to use CRMs for free. But they have a lot of limitations. If you decided to switch CRMs how easy will it be to transfer the email list you built? My current CRM was easy to upload but it was difficult to get it from Mailchimp.

All of these questions are important to ask if you want to set up your business for long term success. The CRM is a key player in your business' understanding of your Ideal Client and if you are using the right channels to attract your Ideal Client.

The other major benefit of a CRM: it saves you time. As an entrepreneur/solopreneur my time is money. If I want more time for clients I need the tools in place to make it happen. I don't want to spend my days confirming appointments. I want a tool that can do the work for me.

If you want to learn more about how I help small and local businesses take back sales from Amazon, check out my website. If you are ready to take your sales back, schedule a free strategy session with me.

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