The Top Digital Tools Small Business Owners NEED: Part 2

This week we cover the #2 digital tool all small business owners need: Google Analytics.

You may be surprised I did not say it was the #1 tool small business owners need. I love analytics and going over numbers. But there is a tool I consider more important - read next weeks blog to find out more.

Google Analytics is still an important tool; even if not #1. GA allows you to better understand how online traffic finds your website and your brick-and-mortar store. You can also see when you have issues with your website. Problems I have solved for customers include load times and broken links.

The good and the bad with GA is amount of information you have at your finger tips. If you don't put a measurement plan in place you will become overwhelmed with data. No one wants Analysis Paralysis.

Start with understanding if your site is one of three categories. One - is it an Ecommerce site? Do you sell product to customers online? Two- is it a Content site? Do you educate people or provide information? Three - is it a Lead Generation site? Do people go to your website to learn more about you and book an appointment to meet with you?

Once you have determined your type of website you can breakdown what numbers are important to you. So if you are a lead generation site you want to know: how people found your site, how long they spend on pages and in a session; and most importantly, how many people converted to booked appointments.

Now if you sell company merchandise as well - you may want to use Ecommerce measurement plans for the items you sell. An Ecommerce measurement plan looks at highest and lowest selling items; profit margin; and how often an item was viewed to name a few things.

The bottom line is this. If you do not know or understand your numbers success will come much slower. Numbers can give you clarity to helping you solve your business problems. I know it is difficult to look at them but it is key to making your business grow.

If you want to learn more about how I help small and local businesses take back sales from Amazon, check out my website. If you are ready to take your sales back, schedule a free strategy session with me.

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