The True Foundation of Your Business

As a small business owner, my job does not stop because of a pandemic. I have to maintain my company's visibility while overcoming my own obstacles. My company is based on helping Small Businesses build a strong foundation. Or build upon the strong foundation to reach the next level. If I fail now, I'm in the wrong business.

What is keeping me above the closures? A business plan, an understanding of my company's values and a vision. There is a lot of talk about "pivoting" in multiple industries. However, are those pivoting looking at the long-term effects?

Yes, business and the economy are struggling in our current situation. In the short-term what is your goal? If you pivot, how does that effect your long-term goal? I'm not saying make no changes. I do believe we need to adapt. How can you take the current situation and make positive changes for the future; even after this over?

In my case, I am using virtual networking to meet people. Is this the time for me to pick up new clients? No. But networking now helps me meet people who will need my services on the other side of the pandemic. There will be another side. It's important to stay positive and think of the future. Don't make decisions for your business that will alter it's path from the vision and values it is centered around.

Bottom line is this. We are in a stressful situation. We depend on our business to support us. The pressure is intense. We need to step back. Clear our heads. Think of how we can survive today by following the vision and values we are centered on. The true foundation of our companies.

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