If you have ever talked to me you know I say "Focus on User Experience". Earlier this year Google doubled-down on basing rankings on website user experience. What does that mean for you?

Why a focus on algorithms does NOT work.

I read a stat where Google changes their algorithms 500 to 600 times a YEAR! That is intense to keep up with. As a business owner you would have to pay someone, monthly, to keep up with the changes and you would still fall behind. Why is that? People who focus on algorithms are trying to 'game the system'. They are focusing on the system not the Ideal Client. If you don't focus on your website user, you will never get ahead. User experience is a majority of what makes you trustworthy.

3 simple steps to stay on top of user experience.

  1. Consistently Use a Google My Business Profile - weekly updates, events if you have any, and customer reviews.

  2. Website language is focused on your Ideal Client with a user experience that builds trust Your goal maybe to book that appointment or sell that item; but your user needs to trust you first.

  3. Google Analytics 4 with Search Console to analyze how users interact with your website. Search Console will alert you to link and load time issues. As well as, letting you know your ranking and keywords associated with your website.

Overwhelmed with the process?

It's okay to see the simple 3 steps and go "OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT?!" The first step is always laying the solid foundation to make everything else run smoothly. That's where I can help you. Schedule your free 45 minute strategy session and we can discuss what the work entails and how it can benefit you.

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