What does a Business Analyst do? 

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Have you ever played a cooperative game like Pandemic? Ever lost a game? Did you notice after the loss how the gameplay had been bogged down in the details? You had lost sight of the overall objective of the game and ran out of time to complete the mission.

As a Business Analyst, my job is to determine the root-cause of the business problem. The objective becomes how to best solve the root-cause problem. My job is to keep you focused on winning the game and not get lost in the details.

There are many details to consider when leveling up your business. It becomes easy to lose focus and take on side projects. These side projects usually do not relate to the objective. Over the years I've heard people say "but this side project needs to be fixed!" Reality is, by fixing the root-cause, you may also be fixing the error/problem noticed in the side project. The key is to document the error found. Determine if it will be fixed with the solution. Once the solution is launched, monitor the error. If it is no longer a problem, you saved yourself time and energy.

The bottom line is a BA helps level up your business by using research and analysis.....and LOTS of documentation. My goal is to be as transparent as possible. When we're done working together you will have a guide as to why decisions were made and steps used to fulfill the objective. This includes training documents, change logs, resources used, and so on and son on.

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