Why Focusing on Customer Service is Important to your Small Business.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

A question I am often asked is: why focus on small to medium businesses? Simply, they believe in customer service. Every business I've worked in has reinforced why customer service is so important. Does this mean I won't work with larger businesses? No. However, in my experience larger companies do not place value on the customer experience. No matter what options I recommend to help your business; it is always with the customer in mind.

I worked in retail up to the housing bubble bursting in 2008/2009. What kept me number one? Customer Service. I worked for non-profits. Secret to my success? Customer Service. My focus in helping you achieve your business goals is customer service. How does the customer use your website? Why do customers walk into your store? Why do customers use your services? It's you, it's what you offer, it's how you treat customers.

Last week's blog "Store Closure to Regional Operations Manager" touched on this topic. The first thing I did in the fashion store was to put the focus back on the customer. I, not only, focused on the external customer; but the internal (employee) as well. The store I walked into was a mess. Employees were disgruntled, which meant they did not see the need to work with the customer who walked into the store. Could I cure all the problems of the employees? No. But

what I did was to create an even playing field.

In retail working weekends and holidays are part of the game. The previous manager had a group of people who were told they would only work weekends and holidays - no other shifts. Then she hired people to work only specific days but they did not have to work any weekends or holidays. This situation created a lot animosity amongst the staff. When I came in, I changed the policy and how we hired staff for the store. We rotated weekends and holidays. No one person or group of people had to work all of them. If you joined my team, we were a team. I cleaned the bathroom just as often as the stock person. I worked weekends and holidays. I led by example.

Did everyone jump on board with the new system? Nope. Those who were never scheduled to work weekends or holidays jumped ship first. But the difference in the attitude of those who stayed was immediate. My staff saw the difference. They felt heard and understood. Once they started to feel positive about the job, they began helping the customers with enthusiasm. I could trust my team to do their jobs and with smiles on their faces. So why is this important?

This allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business which were holding us back. My team was helping customers, which meant lower phone bills for the store. They were too busy doing their jobs to call their friends. Supplies stopped disappearing from our shelves. Theft from the sales floor decreased because my staff greeted everyone. All because the employees felt respected and returned that respect. So not only did my sales go up, but my Profit and Loss (P&L) statement began to improve as well.

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