Why We Need to Focus on Nurturing our Customers in 2021

Small Businesses need to show gratitude for customers year round. I am not talking about the one and done shopper. I am talking about the customers who shop with you continuously .

2020 has shown us many things from how much we depend being able to shop in store to which customers stuck by our side. There will always be place for brick-and-mortar shops. The one's who succeed will understand how to use the internet to drive business while being thankful for the customers.

So how do we show things to our customers? You could start with a simple "thank you". As a customer, hearing a business owner tell me a heart felt thank you for supporting their business goes a long away. This doesn't has to be complicated or over prices. Let the customer know you see them and appreciate their business.

Other options, you can send a note in the mail. Or an email depending on type of communication your customer prefers. There are also small businesses who write and send notes for you. This is especially useful for those of us with chronic pain issues. It's also useful for the busy business owner.

The other neglected form of appreciation is responding to customers on social media. What? You maybe asking yourself how is that appreciation. Simply put, you are acknowledging your client online. If a customer is posting positive reviews and pictures of your business they should be thanked. Have a conversation with them on whatever social media channel they are interacting with you on.

My favorite pizza place in town is Gio's. They also comment on the pictures and comments I leave for them. When we go in they are always say thank you for being a loyal customer. Its the littlest things that can have the biggest impact. I can tell you, I love Chef Mom and her staff the more for it. I feel bad when we skip a week of not ordering take out from them.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve Eve.