Why You Need to Respond to Reviews

97% of people read Google Reviews. They are looking at not only what others wrote but the business' response.

I am going to give you a key tip I teach in my "How to Get Found Online" class.

ALWAYS respond to ALL reviews.

Why? It demonstrates your customer service for one. It also shows search engines you are active on your business pages.

Customer service is not always rosy and happy, as we in retail know. When you respond to positive reviews, it is easy to say "thank you" or "I'm glad you had a wonderful experience". But what about negative reviews?

This is where a majority of business owners mess up. They ignore the negative or they don't understand how much control a user has over their review.

I love leaving reviews for small businesses I shop at. I almost always leave a 5-star review. When I leave less than stellar reviews, I list details why and how the experience could have been avoided and improved upon.

Did you know in Google a user can go back in and update the rating and the review? Yep. I do this with all of my negative reviews. Sadly, not one company improved on customer service. So my updates were a blow-by-blow of how the situation was not being resolved. One business owner went as far to call me nasty for saying I would not shop with them again. The issue was I did not spend enough money on flooring - only $3000 -to be given the courtesy call when my flooring order was delayed by 6 months. Expected arrival date was three days after the order.

Here are key tips for avoiding what so many small business fail at with reviews. One, if someone leaves a negative review, respond without admitting fault or blaming the customer. Two, ask the customer to message you with the best way to contact them OFFLINE. Ask for best times to reach them if you can not call or email right away. Three, stay professional even when offline. Everything you say can be used in a review update. Above all else don't ask the customer to rate you five if the situation was resolved. A five rating is only for those who had a great experience the first time.

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